International Mutual Legal assistance

Most of the cases which the PNF is involved in have an international scope. As such, they rely on close cooperation with foreign judicial authorities: exchange of information, investigation requests, requests for arrest and extradition, implementation of coordination teams on behalf of Eurojust, joint investigation teams financed by European funds.

In 2018, the PNF sent 103 requests to its foreign counterparts and received 40 requests from them.

coopération internationale

This international judicial cooperation is governed by bilateral or multilateral treaties signed by France, in particular:

Even in the event of no international convention being available, a request for assistance can be submitted to French judicial authorities under the principle of reciprocity. Sections 694 and seq of the Criminal proceedings code are applicable in such a framework.

The PNF is involved in the work and workshops of the OECD, which facilitate discussions on best practices, international cooperation as well as the launch of new inquiries. The PNF is also involved in other institutional meetings.

The PNF has visits from official delegations on a regular basis. The PNF has working relationships with several counterparts that may lead to protocols of cooperation as part of a joint investigation team.

For more information, please contact the PNF using the following email address:

Can an international legal assistance request be directly sent to the PNF?

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