On going Proceedings

As of January 1, 2019, 513 cases are ongoing in the PNF, to which 61 requests for mutual legal assistance issued by judicial foreign authorities have to be added.

statistiques PNF 2019

47% of cases relate to breach of probity (corruption, traffic of influence, favoritism, misappropriation of public funds, etc.). 45% of them are linked to damage to public finances (aggravated tax fraud, money laundering, VAT offenses) and 8% of them concern market abuse (insider dealing, price manipulation, dissemination of false information).


Origin of the cases :

Economic and financial offenses are characterized by their clandestine or concealed nature, which make them more difficult to detect.

37% of pending proceedings come from complaints or reports from a public body.

36% of proceedings are forwarded by an other Prosecution service (parquet), of which 21% from the Prosecution service of Paris.

15% of proceedings have been instigated further to a complaint from an individual, a company or a not-for-profit group.

12% of cases have been initiated based on information provided by other proceedings, or based on public data (Internet websites, public databases, etc.) or based on newspapers when the facts revealed are sufficiently precise and reliable.