A national prosecution service specialized in serious economic and financial crime


Established by the law of December 6, 2013, the French Financial Prosecution Office (Parquet National Financier, or PNF) started its activity on February 1, 2014.

The PNF:

  • has national jurisdiction over offenses committed anywhere in France;
  • is specialized as its actions target the most serious criminal investigations related to economic and financial offenses.

Its field of competence covers three types of offenses :

  • breach of probity: corruption, traffic of influence, favoritism, misappropriation of public funds, unlawful acquisition of interest, bribery, vote-buying;
  • damage to public finances: aggravated tax fraud, money laundering, VAT offenses;
  • market abuse : insider dealing, price manipulation, dissemination of false information.

The prosecutorial team conduct prosecutions and ensure law enforcement in their area of expertise. They receive complaints, transmit them to police services for investigations to be carried out, take all necessary action to determine the truth (searches, interviews, technical or scientific examinations). Once investigations are over, they decide on either prosecutions before the criminal court or implementation of alternative dispute resolutions. During court hearings, they act as prosecutors, secure convictions and recommend sentences. Lastly, they are in charge of the execution of the sentences given by the criminal court.

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